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The Sitka International Hostel offers comfortable accommodations in a historic setting

Affiliated with the Alaska Hostel Association, the Sitka International Hostel features twenty three beds located in five single gender dorm rooms and one double room. Visitors should expect traditional hostelling experience at the Sitka International Hostel, including: shared bath facilities, communal kitchen and dining facilities, outer doors locked at 11:00pm, and environment free of smoking, drinking and druge, and hosteller “chores” each day to help keep the facility clean while minimizing hostel operating expenses.


Nearly 100 years old, Tillie Paul Manor (home to the hostel) served long and colorfully as the infirmary for Sheldon Jackson College. Tillie Paul Manor was committed to survive as Sitka’s Community Hospital in the years following World War II. Once a modern replacement hospital was constructed near Moller Park to serve the needs of the growing community in the 1950s, Tillie Paul Manor was variously used for Sheldon Jackson College staff housing, and as bachelor officers’ quarters for the US Coast Guard. In 2005 Sitka Sentinel publishers, Thad and Sandy Poulson, purchased Tillie Paul Manor and commenced to restore the structure to its early 20th century appearance. The Sitka International Hostel moved its¬†operations to Tillie Paul Manor in 2010.


Hostelling in Sitka Has a Distinguished History

For more than twenty five years, the Sitka International Hostel has provided clean, safe accommodations for budget travelers. Originally located in seasonally used portions of local churches, the Sitka International Hostel is a non-profit entity supported entirely by operating revenues. Your patronage of the Sitka International Hostel helps to insure that inexpensive accommodations are available in Sitka for future generations of hostellers.



Reservations can be made through email or over the phone

Email: Sitkahostel@yahoo.com

Phone: 907-747-8661