About Sitka and Local Attractions


The hostel is convenient to virtually all local attractions

The Sitka International Hostel is located near the corner of Lincoln and Jeff Davis streets. It is approximately four blocks from downtown Sitka. Directly across the street is the Sheldon Jackson College campus that hosts events year round.  Also nearby is the Sheldon Jackson Museum (the ethnographic unit of the Alaska State Museum), the Sitka National Historical Park, and the Alaska Raptor Center. A grocery store can be found approximately three blocks away. Sitka features reasonably priced Monday through Friday bus service throughout the downtown area.

About Sitka

Sitka has been a center of human habitation for nearly 10,000 years, and has featured European settlement for more than 200 years. Sitka was at the heart of much of Alaska’s Russian colonial history. Transfer of the “Great Land” from Russian control to American rule occurred in 1867, at the summit of Castle Hill overlooking downtown Sitka. The community has preserved a great deal of its Native heritage, as well, and is home to many who keep alive the customs of the Tlingit, the Haida and other Alaska Native peoples.

The Tongass National Forest, administered by the USDA Forest Service, surrounds Sitka. Created by President Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900s, the “Tongass” is one of the world’s premier temperate rain forests. Also of interest is Sitka’s World War II history. Echoes of the involvement of the US Navy and US Army in Sitka can be seen on Japonski Island, across the striking O’Connell Bridge from the town center.

Come Visit Sitka

Sitka, which is served daily by Alaska Airlines and regularly by Alaska Marine Highway System’s high speed and “main line” ferries, is well worth including on your Alaskan itinerary. Come see what many claim is the most beautiful community in Alaska.